What is this?

What is this?
It’s a project showing the daily color palette depicting the colors I wore everyday during 2010. It was updated daily. You can also see it on Flickr (as a set of images).

Take a look at the process, learn where I got my inspiration for this project and clearly see my color DNA in Behance.

Why did you do it?
Just for fun. I started this project as a leisure activity and as a visual experiment. I didn’t expect it to reach an audience because of its very personal nature. As months went by and I got familiar with the documentation process, I also became much more observant than before. I had no idea hue changes were so visible and cyclical.

How were these color palettes made?
I observed the colors of the shoes and clothes I wore that day, how much skin was exposed, etc., and reproduced that observation digitally, through RGB combinations. No software or programming was involved in the making of the graphs.

How accurate is this method?
It’s visual. No technical measurements were used to identify the colors and translate them to screen.

What about those days in which you changed outfits throughout the day?
A graph of the most representative one was made —or the one which lasted longer.

How long did it take to do this?
Between two and four minutes a day.

For how long did you do it?
From January 1st to December 31st, 2010.

Do you have a non-abstract blog?
Yes. It’s called Diario de Observación.

¿Qué es esto?
Un blog que muestra una gráfica diaria con los colores que vestí ese día durante 2010. Una paleta de color.

Se puede ver en WordPress, en forma de blog, o en Flickr, en forma de álbum.

Eso no sirve de nada…
Lo sé. Es un ejercicio de ocio extremo.

¿Cómo se hace la gráfica del día?
Se observan los colores de los zapatos, de la ropa, de la piel, etc., y se intentan reproducir de manera electrónica, con combinaciones RGB.

¿Qué tan exacto es?
Es visual. No se usó ningún método científico ni técnico para identificar los colores y reproducirlos.

¿Qué pasa con los días en que te cambiabas de ropa una, dos o tres veces?
Hacía la gráfica del atuendo más representativo, el que duraba más tiempo puesto o con el que los demás me veían ese día.

¿Cuánto tiempo te tomó hacer esto?
Entre dos y cuatro minutos al día.

¿Cuánto duró el proyecto?
Los 365 días del 2010.

¿Tienes un blog que no sea abstracto?
Se llama Diario de observación.



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